Divine Love Transmission 1601- Clearing Negative Imprints from Water and Food (Professional Use)


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Clearing Negative Imprints from Water & Food
(Divine Love Transmission 1601 for Professional Use)
Your purchase of the Professional Use version of this Divine Love Transmission grants you rights for personal use AND allows you to use it in your public performances, classroom settings and closed-circuit broadcasts.
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What is a Divine Love Transmission?

It’s Pure Divine Love Energy from Our Creator, God. I intend and focus on partnering with God and tapping into this energy so that I can then transfer it to others. It’s as if my body becomes a tuning fork that brings your vibration into equal alignment with the frequency of Love. Through our combined faith, energetic alignment and trust, miracles happen! The beauty is, when we intend a specific focus it becomes like a laser beam moving from general well-being to specific healing and transformation!

I understand that this whole idea may be stretching your mind beyond what seems possible and that’s okay, isn’t it? Would it be okay if you stepped out in faith and let the experience of peace, love and healing expand your mind and heal all parts of your being? In a single Divine Love Transmission, you can experience transformation on an energetic level - the level of Spirit. All things are created in Spirit first and then they manifest into physical.

In this Divine Love Transmission we:

  • Cleared the negative imprints from the water in your body and in the process, cleared curses, cling-on spirits/demonic forces and transmuted the energy for balance and vitality.
  • Cleared and transmuted all the negative imprints on a gallon of water and transmuted it to be filled with Life Force!
  • Created a track specifically to clear toxins, chemicals, allergens and such from food and charged it with LIFE FORCE energy!
CariP So, did our water experiment work?
Was anyone able to tell the difference in the taste of their water?Yes! Cari shared her experience with the water and she was so moved by the energy that she explains she had to lie down. (Just so that you know she was fine afterwards, we've also included what she shared at the end of the call, too.) Click on the play button below to listen to what Cari had to say...
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This energy is powerful!

Not long ago I was working with my friend Charan, who lives in the Europe (and,of course, I as you may know am in North America - in North Carolina to be exact.) One day I was sending her a Divine Love Transmission and OOOPS--- it blew the fuse in her house. This is what she has to say...
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Charan Surdhar
Patti Chelenyak Headache & Neck Stiffness Gone, Sleep Returns:
Patti had been suffering from a headache and neck stiffness for a long period of time and had not been sleeping well. After listening to a Divine Love Transmission during a walk one day, exciting things followed. Hear what she has to say...
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One more share and celebration for this Divine Love Transmission!

Jean had a really rough day...

But, after this Divine Love Transmission?

Click on the play button below to listen to what Jean had to say...
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SusanP Divine Love Transmission Testimonial Peace, Emotional Renewal and an Exciting New Opportunity!
A change in her energy level brings about a restful night's sleep and an exciting new opportunity. You've got to hear what Susan shared with us...
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Our products and services are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Your results when participating in our sessions and programs and/or using our products may vary. Do not listen to Divine Love Transmissions while driving or operating heavy machinery. DO NOT eat or drink anything for which you have a known allergy. Our products and services are offered in good faith that you are an adult capable of wisdom and prudence in your decision-making.


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