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The EGO Tamer (TET) Tapping?

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The EGO Tamer®…What in the world?

Let me explain…

After working with clients and students for over a decade, almost every one of them realized that I was doing more than just the generic EFT. They realized that not only were we tapping to clear blocks and recover the life they desired, but we were calming that little voice in their head, the “inner critic” that you’re probably familiar with. That inner critic thrives on sucking your energy away from your goals and dreams – all in the name of protecting you from embarrassment or failure.

I call that inner critic the EGO…and just like the lion tamer calms the roaring beast, my unique approach to tapping not only re-balances the body’s energy system, it also quiets the mind…hence, taming the EGO. This is my own unique enhancement to EFT and I truly believe that it makes all the difference in the world when I’m working with you and the past traumas, losses and changes in your life.

I decided to put a name to the technique I use when working with my clients. I call it The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping Technique. (I know, clever, right?) It’s my own adaptation of tapping that incorporates intuition and drawing on the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit to get to your core issues.

I’m known by most of my clients and students as The EGO Tamer®. Don’t be put off by the title. I don’t use whips and I don’t bark commands. It’s actually meant to be a humorous play on words. No matter what you call me, The EGO Tamer® formulas get results…and that’s what I want for my clients ad students…results that matter!

The tapping points and formulas? Well, that’s just something you’ll have to experience in one of my training classes, group workshops and on-demand programs at The Overcomers Academy and JanLuther.com.

I will tell you this. There is another voice inside of us; the voice of our Soul or Authentic Self. That voice is connected to our God/Creator and that voice has wisdom and courage and insights for our life. That voice will answer when we call for help. In every moment of agony, we can be lifted, inspired and directed.

In order to experience the peace that surpasses understanding, we must first be willing to surrender our “need to understand.” Our EGO will only allow this when our heart is softened and fully open. In those moments our mind is quiet and our “will” is surrendered to that Higher Power that can deliver that peace in any given moment. This is our primary goal with TET Tapping. Calm the inner beast and all the fearsome anxiety that feeds it. When this happens, Divine Wisdom pours into us and the result is a change of heart that changes everything!

So, after living this and many other challenges and finding myself in a unique position to share the path to victory over EGO, I realized that my mission is to teach others what I’ve learned about taming the EGO or “voice of the flesh.” I know the EGO wants to steal your sanity, rob you of your joy and cheat you out of your destiny, but it can only accomplish that if you don’t take authority over it.

Whether your primary frustration is with your finances, relationships, self-esteem or coping with trauma, loss and change, I would love to help you tame your EGO.

Don’t just take my word for it.

Evidence for Tapping

And why don’t you let a few of my clients share with you what they experienced as a result of using The EGO Tamer® Formulas…


The EGO LOVES to amplify our fears and the ultimate fear is a phobia.

Debbie had a snake phobia – Listen to Debbie as she explains what happened when she (and skeptically, I might add) showed up to learn some of these tools in one of my training classes.

“I had the blessing of going to one of [Jan’s] EFT trainings last October. I was a skeptic who was going out of obligation. What happened was a miraculous healing for me. The word phobia is too mild for me with the situation that I had with my fear of snakes. It had been instilled in me since I was five years old. I couldn’t look at them in a book, I couldn’t see them on TV and God forbid that I might see one in real life. I would hyperventilate, pass out, get sick; there are just not enough words to explain the fear that I had of snakes…”

“During the class I mentioned my snake phobia and [Jan} said, “Let’s adress that.” My life was changed instantly in that matter. I have now stood by snakes, taken pictures.”

“ALSO, I had had major surgery on my knee. I left and for the first time in 2 years I was able to walk up and down stairs. EFT not only changed me physically, but now it has changed me emotionally. I am able to set goals, follow through and be more.” – Debbie Matthews

Click on the Play button below to hear Debbie’s testimonial

See Disclaimer Regarding Results…

The EGO loves to make you feel inferior…

Trudy was struggling with standing up for herself…

“I came to see Jan to get more gumption. By that I mean it was hard for me to say “no” to people. Being a leader, I was being pulled around by “this person” and “that person” trying to please everybody and I came to the conclusion I couldn’t please anybody, and especially myself, because I felt like I was compromising in every area of my life and people took advantage of that.”

“And for me to go forward, I had to say no to a lot of people that were in a state of shock when I told them no. It gave me more strength and more confidence in who I am and it gave me more determination to go in the direction I needed to go.”

“I thank the Lord for Jan and that she used her talents and her abilities to help people get past these stumbling blocks.” – Trudy Chandler

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The EGO wants you to have a closed mind and heart…

Ellie McFallsEllie shares how her husband, an engineer, had a change of heart just by listening to a recording of one of my classes: Building Indestructible Self Worth.

“I think the best thing that I got out of this was in your class on Building Indestructible Self Worth…when I heard it I thought it might be helpful to my husband who was giving me a hard time about this EFT stuff, this left brained, , genius type of guy who’s an engineer and it doesn’t quite fit his mindset. SO I downloaded the recording onto his GPS and asked him to listen to this on his way home from work. When he came home he was near tears, he had gotten his issue out of the way… it cleared right up and he talked about how spiritual and how near to the heart this work was. So the biggest blessing for me was that I got my husband to change his view about what we do.” – Ellie

Listen as Ellie shares how just one hour of this class changed her husband’s heart forever.

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The EGO will tell you that you do not deserve prosperity and success…

Dr. Andrea DobrichAndrea had just opened her new practice when she signed up for my Plugging Into Financial Prosperity course. Her business DOUBLED once we tamed her ego around money.

“I took Jan’s [money matters class] and I began to realize the monetary worth of my services. What I learned increased my confidence in asking for full fees. And since I finished the class I have doubled the number of new patients that I see each week.”

“Taking this incredible class with Jan impacted how I handle the finances in my practice as well as how I handle my personal finances. Now when I am paying my bills I am no longer stressed out wondering if I am going to have enough money from week to week. Thanks Jan!!” – Dr. Andrea Dobrich

Check out her web site at Inspire Wellness Chiropractic.

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