Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer®

Thank you for submitting your Grief Inventory & Stress Assessment!

I’ll be compiling data from the group GISA results to help me prepare for our time together. I can’t wait for the healing to begin!

Be sure to check your email inbox. You should be receiving a copy of your GISA in just a few minutes.

When reviewing your GISA, you can use the information below as a reference for your current levels of distress.

0-99: Congratulations! Your scores indicate that you are managing your stress on this topic very well. Please remember that any measurable stress indicates room for healing and greater peace.

I encourage you to follow the pattern of the GISA and find 3 or more personal memories, experiences or situations (that we did not include in this assessment) that have a measurable distress of 4 or higher. These personal topics will serve you well as examples topics to learn and experience healing and peace.

HINT: Disappointment, betrayal or disrespect are often lingering topics that would work well.

100-240: Indicates low, but measurable, distress which will, over time, lead to physical aches, pains, sleep disruption, distress and reduced immunity.

241-320: Indicates medium and concerning distress and indicates that steps should be taken soon to avoid the onset of chronic illnesses.

321-410: Indicates that you are living in a highly distressed state. Personally, this is cause for alarm; not only for your mental and emotional well-being, but your susceptibility to depression and chronic disease in the near future.

Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer

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