The EGO Tamer Academy from Jan Luther, EFT Founding Master

Spiritual Mentoring & Obedience School
for Your Inner Critic

Student of Spirituality

As a student of spirituality you know in your heart that life shouldn’t feel this hard and that the Laws of the Universe are supposed to work for you – not against you.

It can be so frustrating when you set a goal or create a vision only to have your mind and emotions talk you out of taking the steps that will get you there.

And once you have been tripped up by that fear thinking, you get trampled on by the reverberation of shame thoughts like…

” What is wrong with me? “

” Why can’t I just follow through? “

” I’m so weak. “

” I’m not worthy. “

And then – oy vey — the script flips into victim mode and your inner bully (what I call the EGO) starts blaming other people and even LIFE itself; anything to project the blame outside of you being the culprit. Then the feelings of powerlessness mount until you find yourself checking out of life, sitting on the couch, avoiding people and the very opportunities you were dreaming of that you know could bring you deep joy and happiness!

Here’s the thing – understanding, and even believing, spiritual principles is not the same as knowing how to use spiritual principles to create or manifest your dreams.

Knowledge is not the same as SKILL!

I might understand how a piano works, but that doesn’t make me a concert pianist.

Time after time, clients have shared with me that they’ve studied self-help and spiritual laws for decades, but can’t seem to affect a change on their mood or their life.

They groan and lament that they’ve taken all the classes, read tons of books, been to workshops, sat in prayer and meditation, rehearsed the affirmations, done yoga, (flossed, wiped and polished their mirrors –LOL), but they see no results in their mood, health or finances.

That EGO voice would have you believe that there’s something wrong with you or that you don’t deserve good things. Or, even worse yet, it would have you think that God doesn’t love you or even want you to have joy and prosperity.

Learn  to  STOP  FEAR  &  anxiety

That kind of thinking is EXACTLY the problem. The EGO Tamer® Academy is all about learning dozens of ways to shift your attention, your mood and – most importantly – your energy so that you’re in a high enough vibration to hear at the frequency of God.

So what you need are practical life skills in spiritual living principles.

What will you learn at The EGO Tamer Academy

In The EGO Tamer® Academy, we’ll teach you how to:

  • Quiet you’re babbling brain (the EGO)
  • Quickly soothe your spirit and soul in times of trauma, loss and chaos
  • Tune into Divine direction to make inspired choices
  • Create a peaceful home and more loving relationships
  • Access the wealth of wisdom in your soul to lead you on your path of purpose and passion
  • Remove inner subconscious blocks to your feelings of confidence and indestructible self-worth
  • Design and follow through on creating a successful and satisfying life and business
  • Dissolve disappointment, trauma, shame and anger
  • Enjoy greater health and well-being.
Learn what Taming the EGO looks and feels like

Learn what “Taming the EGO” looks and feels like: There’s a natural process that occurs when we do this healing work. You experience a feeling of lightness, freedom and peace that is symbolic of being in a higher vibration.

From within that state of higher vibration you’ll experience the quiet mind that enables you to hear the voice of God. We’ll liberate your energy system in a way that will give you the emotional bandwidth to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. And in that quiet, holy space you’ll intuitively begin to hear and understand The Will of God on your behalf. You’ll have renewed hope, faith, purpose and power. You WILL be Rejuvenated at a Soul Level!

Rewrite the stories of an EGO-driven thought

You’ll recognize symptoms/stories of an EGO-driven thought (and rewrite them!)

As a student of spirituality you know in your heart that it “should be” as easy as “thinking things into existence.”

It can be so frustrating when we set goals, make vision boards, say our daily affirmations, OM, do yoga, pray, mediate, eat right and floss, etc., and yet see “no real results.” EGO would have you believe that there’s something wrong with you or that you just don’t deserve good things – or worse yet – that God doesn’t love you or want you to have ease, joy and prosperity! All of these blocks, thoughts and beliefs are EGO-driven and the outcome is you suffering!

Together, we’ll systematically uncover and rewrite fear-based, limiting beliefs that are your subconscious “rules of life.” Some sample topics could be:

  • Not deserving
  • Fear of God
  • The misaligned ideas about “hard work”
  • Patterns of struggle and scarcity
  • Healing around money and finances
  • Healing Past Disappointment
  • Healing Past Shame
  • Healing Past Traumas
  • Healing Grief from Death and Loss
  • Unexpected life changes
  • Low self-confidence
  • And much more! In fact, most of the content will be shown to us when we meet live in person, by phone or via webcast!

Tools for Creating PeaceYou’ll get Tools for Creating Peace.

Throughout this course we’ll do meditation, prayer and energy work, A LOT!

You’ll learn ways to amplify the volume of Your Inner Voice knowing that peace and inspiration are available to you with every breath through the Still Small Voice of God.

You’ll learn how holding the vibration of Gratitude puts you in the Creative Driver’s Seat!

You’ll fully see, hear and feel the Truth of how The Universe waits upon YOU to make decisions before it will (before it can) create or manifest anything “for you.”

You’ll transform from the inside out, as you change the long-held beliefs that have been holding you back and achieve your juiciest goals and experience your loveliest dreams. You’ll also have a community of like-minded Souls to support you.

Our Mission at The EGO Tamer AcademyThe Mission of The EGO Tamer® Academy is: To help you more fully embody Divine Source Energy and utilize that power to deliberately and consciously design, manifest and experience your most breathtaking life.

Who I am here to serve: Serious Spiritual Seekers and Healers who know that once you fully embody The Divine Source Energy and use it to create your delicious full life, then you can teach others to do it, too.

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