Healing Your Grief: Picking Up the Pieces after Trauma, Loss and Change

This 5-unit online course provides you with the perfect opportunity to perform “triage” before you dive into deeper waters of speaking about specific memories, addressing the individual incidents and healing your deeper causes of grief.

Our goal with this program is to get you back in your body and feeling normal and stronger so that you have the courage and confidence to take the next step in Healing Your Grief.

Original price was: $997.00.Current price is: $497.00.

Five pre-recorded legitimate, take action, get measurable results every hour, video coaching sessions.

Yes, each session is taught in a way that will give you measurable relief of mental, emotional and even physical distress and pain.

The content is delivered in the right/best order – both logically and energetically.

Each session is effective on its own and has a potent, synergistic effect when   added to the step before.

The program is simple enough and yet the instructions are specific enough that you can easily repeat the entire program and benefit each and every successive time.

If you want to shift yourself out of your limiting mindset, physical pain and negative emotions and come back to your positive, comfortable, satisfied, magnetic Self, this invitation is for you!

Here’s a sneak peek at your program:

The formula:  Mirroring the steps used in triage for a physical injury, we approach healing your mental and emotional distress in 5 logical steps:

  1. Learning and experimenting with the tools and techniques you’ll be using
  2. Checking for disassociation to ensure that you are conscious in the present moment
  3. Reducing or dissolving physical pain
  4. Slowing and stopping the spinning EGO mind (wastes so much energy!)
  5. Incrementally and energetically raising your vibration from relief, to ease, to peace and, ideally, to remembering the bliss of happiness!

Unit 1: You will learn the five techniques you’ll need to use at any time to get you back in your body and in the present moment.

*Note: Unlike the other sessions, this first unit is primarily a teaching and practicing of the tools and techniques. Every other unit focuses on shifting specific thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

Unit 2: You’ll reduce or dissolve physical pain. (Pow! Some clients have had 100% relief in less than 30 minutes!)

Unit 3: You will tap the brakes on your churning mind. With practice, you can bring it to a full stop where you can finally relax and recover your energy. (Did you know that the mind on an average day burns approximately 20% of your body’s energy?)

When you’re in distress and your focus is entirely on a problem that you can’t solve, the energy expended multiplies while amplifying feelings of vulnerability and fear.

No wonder we get so exhausted, right?

Unit 4: You’ll playfully learn to recognize that other people have EGOs, too.  Sometimes other people say and do really hurtful things. In this unit, you’ll experience the relief that comes from acknowledging and validating those “burns” and feel empowered to choose to release grudges and resentment so that you can FREE UP YOUR mind and energy for better things!

Unit 5: This is like a beautiful bow on top. By this time, you’ll have removed enough layers of shock and resistance that you’re ready to experience the positive potential of directing your EGO mind on what is wanted. You’ll learn to tap to open your heart, tune in to your personal spiritual guidance and feel happiness, gratitude and even some blissful joy!

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