Payment Terms and Conditions - Sapphire

Sapphire Level Coaching Program
Payment Terms & Conditions

PAYMENTS: You must provide payment for your coaching program using our PayPal account or secure an approved payment plan with The Rejuvenation Station, LLC - including all of your payment details - prior to the start of your program.

LATE FEE: A $30 late fee will be charged for payment plan payments that are not received or that are unable to be processed by each installment due date.

REFUND POLICY: Coaching program payments and deposits are non-refundable once the program has started. You are responsible for the full fee for the entire course of the program - regardless of whether you actually attend or complete the program and regardless of whether you have chosen a single lump sum payment or a multiple payment (subscription) plan. No refunds will be issued nor will monthly payments be forgiven.


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