Healing Your Grief with Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer

Healing Your Grief and Taming Your EGO (1:03:07)

Join Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer® & EFT Founding Master as she shares tools and insights to soothe your soul and heal your grief. (Recorded from one of Jan’s Facebook Live sessions.)

Phrases we explored and SUDs I saw: in this session:

🛑 I can’t / won’t make it alone 8/5/3
🛑 afraid to let anyone in/help
❤️ Focused on potent word: alone
🛑 must rescue- do everything for kids 8/5/3?
🛑 I’ll NEVER get it together
🛑 I’ll fail in my business

EGO is your inner bully!
It is a terrorist trying to keep you from living your wildest dreams.

In this session, you’ll learn
What is EGO
How it works against your growth
Ways you can recognize and stop ✋🏽 🛑 it.

I hope this inspires, heals and blesses you deeply. ❤️

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