Healing Your Grief with Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer

Healing the Grief of Loneliness (59:38)

Join Jan Luther, The EGO Tamer® & EFT Founding Master as she shares tools and insights to soothe your soul and heal your grief. (Recorded from one of Jan’s Facebook Live sessions.)

Phrases we address in this session:

🔵 Feeling abandoned
🔵 Family unsupportive
🔵 Worry about son
🔵 Loneliness
🔵 Making friends

We did a pretty cool technique called the temporal tap ( used to bypass the EGO mind that always says no) and we anchored a juicy affirmation. 😉

We closed with A Divine Love Transmission that was all about feeling connected to and feeling loved by Divine Feminine 💖

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Did you fully participate by tapping every phrase? Even, and especially, the ones you didn’t think were applicable to you? 😄

Did you find this session helpful? 💓

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