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Grief and Resiliency for Business Owners, Parents, Teachers, Leaders and Humans with a Hurting Heart

Grief and Resiliency Free Masterclass

We’re all experiencing shock and trauma right now on a global scale.

  • Covid-19 (death threats from an invisible terrorist)
  • Racial distress
  • Financial fears

All of this on top of whatever distress was and is already present in your life and world. If you feel at the mercy of your mind and emotions, this masterclass will teach, inspire and heal you in ways that you can feel better and move forward fast!

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Grief and Resiliency Masterclass Handout

By the end of this 1-hour podcast, you will…

  • Feel nearly instant (measurable) relief from whatever has been giving you grief.
  • Stop the Fight, Flight and Freeze that is causing anxiety and panic (and have a tool to manage it in the future).
  • Know which life concern/challenge is most pressing for you to address ASAP so that you can feel safe, empowered and focused on your next right steps.
  • Get clear about a self-sabotaging pattern (which we all have to some degree) that reduces your potential power and creates internal suffering.
  • Have a personal invitation to clear layer-upon-layer of shock, trauma and grief that have probably been amplified by current world situations.

Here’s a peak at what you’ll learn…

Simplifying Complicated Grief

In the segment I will actually help you clear confusion that precedes anxiety and overwhelm. (I teach you exactly how I help my clients to simplify grief and make it manageable.)

3 Cups of Tea

We begin by talking about how quickly grief can become complicated using three stories about a cup of tea.


Surrogate Suffering

I’ll introduce you to what I call surrogate suffering…

What is it?

Do we all have it?

Why is it imperative that we address it?

And we’ll actually use TET Tapping to help you alleviate some of its pain.

The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping

You’ll learn the basics of TET Tapping and have the opportunity to feel better fast as we tap through a current, real-time stressful topic.

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