Permission to Use Audio-Video

Permission to Use Audio and Video Recordings

As part of our effort to share the success stories and healing experiences at The Rejuvenation Station, LLC, we often share audio and video recordings of participants in our training classes and workshops. By participating in one of these activities, you have already agreed to the terms and conditions of that participation, which include granting us permission to share your tapping segment or testimonials by audio, video or by written text with an image of you. However, we're so eager to ensure that you know how much we respect you and your privacy that we're requesting (via the email in which you received this) consent and agreement for the specific content of audio, video or written testimonial mentioned in that email. To do so, please complete this form and click the submit button. Thanks!

Audio and Video Recording Release

I agree to release to Jan Luther and The Rejuvenation Station, LLC, all rights to audio and/or video recordings obtained as part of my participation in a class, workshop, teleseminar, webinar or other training activity conducted by Jan Luther and The Rejuvenation Station, LLC. I understand that these recordings may be used for the purposes of teaching, training or marketing for The EGO Tamer® Academy and other websites operated by The Rejuvenation Station, LLC . I also understand that I can request that my name and my business webpage be connected to this audio/video when it is posted on a sales page. I understand that I will receive no monetary compensation for the audio/video or for any income generated using this as marketing material.


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