The EGO Tamer 4-Step Pathway to Peace

“KOVVED” and World Chaos Edition

NOTE: Registration for the LIVE version of this program is now closed.

Upon completing the live version of this program, we’ll be offering a replay. If you’re interested in having access to the replay when it becomes available, please join the waiting list using the form below and we’ll notify you when you can purchase it..

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Is your head spinning from all of the shock, trauma and grief of KOVVED (we don’t want to give COVID one more ounce of our attention) and world chaos?

Every area of our lives have been impacted in one way or another.

We’re walking in an atmosphere of fear, chaos and even hatred which is not only unhealthy, but dangerous!

Look at this brief overview of what we’ve all been dealing with:

  • Deadly (invisible) disease
  • Lockdowns and quarantines
  • Workplace changes
  • Economic strain and crises
  • School closings and –EEEK forced homeschooling
  • Political Chaos
  • Dangerous gangs
  • Conflicting guidance from people we look to for direction
  • Loss of loved ones
  • Restricted gatherings
  • Missed celebrations

The list goes On and ON!

Can you feel the anxiety as you simply read over this list?

Do you recognize that the mere mention or thought of these challenges affects you both emotionally and physically?

What happens if you don’t find a way to erase or discharge all of that trauma and fear?

We KNOW that it causes literal physical illnesses.

We KNOW this is the root cause of anxiety and even depression.

We KNOW that it affects how you show up in your relationships, at work, in your spiritual life and personal growth.

I have some really good news for you.

I can help you:

  • Quickly change the way you feel.
  • Know how to direct your thinking.
  • Choose your mood and your pathway towards peace each day.


If you’re new to The EGO Tamer® Academy and the work we do, let me give you a three-paragraph overview of our mission and our goal.

Our mission and singular goal at The EGO Tamer® Academy is to Liberate you from EGO and realign you within your TRUE Mind of God.

*EGO is temporal/temporary, body and fear-based and lives from the perception that we must compete for love and safety. This is where all competition, every negative emotion and all hateful, hurtful, self-loathing thought, urge and behavior stems from.

*Your True MIND is the Eternal, Spiritual, Higher Self. This is the real you and from this Mind you always operate in the Mindset and attitude of Love for God and others. Every good, prosperous thing, miracles, healings, heavenly encounters and eternal rest is attained here.

We fulfill this mission and goal by offering programs and trainings that are topic-specific for the current needs of our community.

Since KOVVED and chaos are literally a world-wide dilemma right now, we are beginning 2022 with this brand-new program:

The EGO Tamer® 4-Step Pathway to Peace Program
KOVVED and World Chaos Edition

The short and sweet of what you’ll get in this program:

  1. Your MAP! A multi-page Grief Inventory and Stress Assessment © (GISA) that will help you know where to begin based on which trauma, loss, or change, is causing you the most current distress.
  1. The EGO Tamer® (TET) Tapping 4-Step Instruction Template
  1. The “machine.” Plug your information into the template and tap along with the recordings. Jan does all the work.
  1. Lifetime On-Demand access to the program recordings.
    – That means you can access them 24/7, 365 days a year.
    – Take a 10-minute break to tap along at work when you’re feeling like you’re about to loose your cool.
    – Tap along at 3 AM when you can’t sleep or your mind is spinning.
  1. Best of all…you can practice these steps over with any and every upsetting situation and the tapping will work to quickly calm your nervous system and empower you to refocus your attention on what you DO want!

What is the Grief Inventory and Stress Assessment © (GISA for short) for KOVVED and World Chaos?

The GISA is a short multiple choice survey that will help you quickly recognize What is causing you the most distress, how distressed you actually are and which topic you’ll want to focus on first.

We affectionally refer to this as a way to “sort your emotional laundry” and give you a specific list of WHAT is giving you grief, fear and distress.

Once you’ve calculated your GISA scores, you’ll have your first step on your pathway to peace!

What is the TET Tapping Instruction Template?

Exactly what it sounds like. (Isn’t that refreshing?) A single page. Clearly outlined, step by step, fill in the blank template to help you take the information from your GISA and work one topic at a time from chaos, fear, anxiety (you name the negative emotion) to a peaceful mind and heart!

What will the Webinar Recordings be like?

You can participate from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

You’ll be able to relax and feel safe that NO ONE will be able to get on their soapbox and preach, complain or fear monger at any time.

What is the TET Tapping about?

This program is a right fit for you if you:

  • Believe in God
  • Are familiar with and open to the spiritual concept of EGO vs Higher Self/ Spiritual Mind
  • Are eager to change your mood and mindset – even if you feel silly doing the “tapping stuff!”

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You do not believe in GOD (TET Tapping is rooted and centered in helping folks grow spiritually!)
  • If you’re feeling especially fragile and know you need personal support and attention
  • And…IMPORTANT NOTE: If your primary distress is the loss of a loved one – especially if it’s been in the last few months – this may not be the right program for you. While this program will help you reduce your anxiety, stress and grief over KOVVED and World Chaos, if you are specifically suffering from the trauma of loss and grief, we may have a program that’s a better fit for you. It’s called “Healing Your Grief – Picking Up the Pieces after Trauma, Loss and Change.” For more information and to register for the Healing Your Grief program, just click or tap here.

IF YOU”RE A RIGHT FIT, I would love to have you join us.

What you will experience and take away from the recordings?

When you fully participate in this program, you’ll KNOW how to map out your Pathway from chaos and fear to a peaceful heart and mind, no matter what the outer circumstances.

You will:

Experience deep and permanent emotional and physical RELIEF.

Have more patience, strength and bandwidth to be available to your family, friends and co-workers.

Feel energized and connected to your personal Divine Guidance. (Imperative at this time!)

Stop stressing which is imperative to your physical health and well-being.

Have the confidence that you can shift your mindset, mood and daily pathway when you choose to use these tools for the rest of your life!

REMINDER: Registration for the LIVE version of this program is now closed.

Upon completing the live version of this program, we’ll be offering a replay. If you’re interested in having access to the replay when it becomes available, please join the waiting list using the form below and we’ll notify you when you can purchase it..

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